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Prevent Tooth Decay By Visiting Your Dentist

While the oral hygiene habits you practice every day form the basis for your healthy smile, regularly visiting your dentist is necessary to best fight the causes of tooth decay. By receiving a cleaning and examination at least twice per year, you allow your dentist to inspect the results of your habits and remove plaque formations that you cannot treat on your own. Furthermore, regular visitation allows you to detect existing problems with your oral health before they become worse. This can make the difference in receiving more conservative treatment for a problem and preserving your natural smile.

At your Seattle, WA, dentist’s office, we recommend remaining vigilant when it comes to combatting tooth decay. Staying on top of your visitation schedule ensures you remove oral bacteria deposits that otherwise cause cavities and gum disease. A professional cleaning from our hygienists can reach areas that you may miss on your own and address tartar that is resistant to an at-home brush. If it has been a while since your last cleaning, book an appointment with Ballard Neighborhood Dentist today!

How Bacteria Attack Your Enamel

Because your mouth is teeming with oral bacteria that feed off the bits and pieces of your food that stick to your teeth, daily brushing and flossing best prevent plaque buildup from accumulating. When your oral hygiene begins to falter, bacteria form a sticky film that attaches to the surface of your teeth. As they continue to feed, your bacteria produce an acidic byproduct that erodes and weakens your enamel.

Left untreated this decay process produces cavities in the surface that expose the inside of your tooth. The decay can continue to eat away your healthy tooth and threatens reaching and infecting the inner pulp. If caught early, your dentist can remove the cavity and place a filling to stop the spread of decay. Left untreated, an infection of your pulp can cause serious pain that eventually requires a root canal therapy or extraction to treat.

Preventing Tooth Decay Before It Begins

The best treatment for a cavity is stopping the process before it starts. This means brushing your teeth twice per day and flossing to remove the building blocks of dental plaque. When you schedule a cleaning and examination twice per year, you strengthen the protection of your daily hygiene with professional care. Regular visitation allows your dentist to monitor your oral health in the long term and familiarize themselves with your unique needs.

Speak With Your Seattle, WA, Dentist To Help Prevent Tooth Decay

Stay on top of your oral health with regular dental visits! Call Ballard Neighborhood Dentist in Seattle, WA at (206)789-2555 to schedule your routine cleaning and examination. We can help you protect your enamel and prevent decay from harming your smile.

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