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How Checkups And Cleanings Strengthen Your Smile

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When was the last time you visited our team for a checkup and cleaning appointment? These procedures may seem minor, but preventive treatments can help safeguard your smile from issues like tooth decay and gum disease. In today’s blog, your Seattle, WA, dentist talks about checkups and cleanings!

The Benefits of a Dental Exam

A dental exam is a visit in which we examine your smile to watch for possible signs of trouble. We conduct the exam with digital x-rays and intraoral cameras, so we can make a diagnosis with precision and accuracy. The earlier we identify a concern, the sooner we can treat it and protect the health, beauty, and stability of your smile. For example, we will watch for signs of cavities, infection, gingivitis, and gum disease. We also screen for oral cancer and look for the indicators of common issues like TMJ disorder and bruxism (teeth grinding). Our team recommends these for the whole family every six months!

Cleaning the Smile

In the same visit, our team will also clean the teeth. The dental cleaning uses an ultrasonic scaling device and a manual pick to thoroughly remove all plaque and tartar from the surfaces and from along the gum line. Doing so helps fight bad breath, teeth stains, cavities, and even periodontal issues. We recommend this for kids two and older and everyone else! The process only takes a few minutes, and we complete it by polishing your teeth, making it more difficult for plaque and tartar buildup to form in between your cleaning visits. The polishing also helps your smile appear a little brighter too.

Continuing Care at Home

Our team will also discuss good oral hygiene habits! We want you to enjoy a strong and healthy smile, so you and your kids should brush in the morning and again at night. Everyone needs to use a fluoride toothpaste to help prevent cavities, with kids three and younger using a rice sized amount, and everyone else using a pea sized blot. Flossing is essential and should happen every evening before you brush for the second time. Try to cut back on sugary foods and drinks too, as this helps limit the severity of plaque and tartar buildup.

If you have any questions about how to protect smiles from home, or about our checkup and cleaning visits, then contact our team today to learn more. Everyone deserves a bright and healthy smile!

Speak With Your Seattle, WA Dentist About Preventive Dentistry

We would like to help you enjoy your best smile, and that starts with preventive dental care. If you would like to learn more about our preventive exams, then call Ballard Neighborhood Dentist in Seattle, WA today at (206)789-2555!

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