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Porcelain Veneers, An Amazing History

The development of ceramic caps as dental prosthetics has a rich and fascinating history, starting in the Golden Age of Hollywood! Today, this technology is used for both restorative and cosmetic dentistry, and can cover up many different dental flaws. These caps are now also designed to last decades with proper maintenance, thanks to a process known as etching.

Today, your Seattle, WA dentist gives you a brief explanation of how the creation of this technology came to be. Also, we will touch on some of the ways porcelain veneers can help your smile be the best that it can be. With beautiful veneers, a custom solution is available to you, and help address a multitude of dental concerns!

A Hollywood Beginning

A Los Angeles dentist by the name of Dr. Charles Pincus created a false set of teeth for an actor in 1929. This was never intended for permanent use, but was surprisingly useful as a special effect. For the next three decades, the practice sat relatively unused, not very applicable for ordinary dentistry.

However, in the late 1950s, a process known as etching expanded the capabilities of dental prosthetics. Using acids that eat at our tooth material, etching creates an uneven and porous surface of our enamel. Obviously, this is not what we like to see with healthy teeth, but it is very effective in attaching prosthetics. All the crevices and unevenness create places for cementing to hold, which means a much stronger bond than ever before.

Even after the understanding of this process grew, it took an additional two decades before porcelain veneers became commonplace procedures in dental offices in the United States. The release of an incredibly influential study paired the two procedures, and we were off to the races!

Versatility And Strength

One of the best benefits of porcelain veneers is that skilled ceramicists create these prosthetics specifically for you. Your custom smile solution can cover concerns such as overcrowding or smaller alignment issues. If you have a chip or a break, this can be the best maneuver for you, as well, as veneers can reform teeth even if they are significantly damaged.

This can be a better fit for you than a dental implant if you have a healthy structure within your jaw’s bone matter. This way, we can allow your immune system to care for and protect the area without further trauma. Also, this requires less in the way of recovery and maintenance. This can be beneficial over the years, as porcelain veneers can last you decades!

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