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Important Choices For Your Replacement

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When someone loses a tooth, the decision of what to do next can be fairly daunting. Much of that decision may be made for you due to the location and severity of the damage. But for some, there is the option of choosing a dental bridge to cover the gap. Or an independent dental implant may be a more appropriate solution for you. And even others will rely upon the use of a partial denture.

The sheer amount of options can be overwhelming! So this is why it is always fantastic to have a line of communication with your oral health care provider. Navigating these waters may lead to a rash decision, and most people have not had to deal with this sort of situation before. Today, your Seattle, WA dentist explains how the experience in instances of tooth loss and replacement can help you make the best decision for you!

What Is A Bridge?

For those who may not have heard of the procedure, a dental bridge is a prosthetic used to replace a single tooth, or a group that are next to each other. Crowns are placed on what are known as the “abutment teeth,” and between those two hangs the prosthetic.

Since these two crowns take the additional strain in chewing, this is best suited to people with otherwise healthy mouths. If you have loosening in other areas of your mouth, this may not fully address your concern.

Partial Dentures May Be A Fit

If you need a larger area of your smile replaced, the best solution for you might be a partial denture. This can address all sorts of missing teeth, and do not require significant changes to your existing structures. If you have worries with the lasting strength of your oral health, these can be a great solution.

These are custom orthodontic pieces that fit directly where you are missing teeth. They may fit through adhesive or hidden clasps or enclosures. Partial dentures also allow for the connection to be to the jaw, sparing your remaining dental structure more damage.

Your Implant Solution

The most technologically advanced fix for you lies in dental implant surgery. This procedure requires the placement of a titanium post within your jawbone. Through a process known as osseointegration, our body actually begins to care for this metal as if it is part of you!

Implant posts can be used to support any possible combination of tooth replacement, from a single loss to a full-mouth solution. Implant-supported dentures are an area of stufy that is developing rapidly, where whole mouth prosthetics are placed on a set number of posts. Typically, this uses four per jaw, and the connection is much stronger than traditional dentures.

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